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Welcome to Horse Duds & Suds

We are a full service equine laundry facility located in Warren County, New Jersey. We offer free pickup and delivery of horse clothing in all of New Jersey, most of New York, most of Pennsylvania, and UPS to everywhere else.

Blankets are washed, air dried, repaired (if necessary), folded and packaged in a clear comforter bag labeled for easy identification and stacking. With over 20 years in the laundry and dry cleaning industry and seemingly a lifetime living the horse experience, the Horse Duds & Suds family is uniquely qualified to provide the best in quality and service.

How do we care for your blankets?

  • At mark in, all Velcro and leg/tail straps will be closed to prevent damage.
  • If ripped, the damaged area will be pinned together to prevent additional tearing in the wash.
  • A minimum of two pre-rinses are programmed in our machines. With the surface dirt out of the way, the organic soap that is injected results in a much cleaner blanket.
  • There are 9 programs in each machine based on the weight, fabric, amount of hair and level of dirt.
  • There are a minimum of two post rinses to assure the soap is completely removed.
  • Your blankets are air dried. We do not own a dryer.


Care for your equipment

Horse blankets, saddle pads and other equine laundry items are not just washed here at Horse Duds and Suds. Each washing machine has been programmed to add cleaning agents at precisely the right time during the cleaning cycle. Formulas have been developed for each type of material.

Blankets are air dried to ensure there is no shrinkage or damage to trims, straps, buckles and other fittings.

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Horse Duds & Suds Fact:

More than 3,000 blankets cleaned in 2022!