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About Horse Duds & Suds

We assume you know that horse blankets can’t be just thrown in the washer without taking precautions in their care.

Horse blankets, saddle pads and other equine laundry items are not just washed here at Horse Duds and Suds. Each washing machine has been programmed to add cleaning agents at precisely the right time during the cleaning cycle. Formulas have been developed for each type of material. Each laundry machine is programmed with 9 different care modes based on the fabric, weight, smell and amount of dirt on each blanket.

Blankets are air dried to ensure there is no shrinkage or damage to trims, straps, buckles and other fittings.

40% of all blankets that come in require some type of repair

There are two seamstresses providing repair services at Horse Duds and Suds. They are armed with three commercial Janome sewing machines, the appropriate thread, hardware and fabric.

When you combine all these years of research, experience and professionalism, you have a great organization that provides a top notch service – at your door step!

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